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Aerial Fitness

Apparatus: Hammock

Age: 13 years and above

Locations: Studio 23 (Nariman Point), Sitara Studios (Lower Parel), VC Fitness (Linking Road)

A combination of pilates, yoga and aerial acrobatics that is designed to work with all parts of the body.

Aerial Arts

Apparatus: Silk- Split, open-ended fabrics

Age: 13 years and above

Locations: Sitara Studios (Lower Parel), Tarang Studio (Khar)

This class is centered on a performing art form, where the artist performs elements of acrobatics and dance suspended from the Silks. 

The artist climbs the fabrics without a harness, depending on their own strength and uses the fabric to wrap, spiral, suspend, fall and get in and out of postures. 

Pole Dance / Fitness

Apparatus: The Pole

Age: 16 years and above

Locations: Studio23, Nariman Point

Pole dance is a liberating and expressive form of fitness. Beginning with static pole with basic climbing and spinning techniques, we eventually advance to more complex dance choreographies.

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